Weight loss after two weeks without alcohol

One of the most rewarding parts of not drinking alcohol whether taking a break or completely quitting is the bonus of losing weight.

If like me you’re the kind of person who likes to see results quickly, then losing a bit of weight early on in the quitting process is a good way to motivate you to carry on with your journey and to prevent you from becoming bored. 

When I first stopped drinking I decided to incorporate it with healthy eating so that I could feel the benefits faster and so that I wouldn’t start replacing the alcohol with something else. This way I managed to see results in the early days and within the first few weeks. 

Many people who were regular drinkers and gave up alcohol completely or took a break for a number of weeks have reported weight loss of 1 or 2lb per week in the first few weeks of quitting, especially if they took care not to up their calorie intake elsewhere. 

Read on to find out much more about weight loss in the first two weeks of stopping drinking, including how many calories you can save and ways to stay on track.

How Many Calories do you Save by not Drinking Alcohol for two Weeks?

How many calories you have personally saved depends on what you drank before and how often.

You can get an idea of the kind of calorie savings you can expect after two weeks from the following chart, which shows calories per drink so you can easily multiply by the amount you consumed per day:

Drink type &